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I would have loved to have lived back in the early 20th Century when the everyday attire consisted of everything in this picture. I get so confident when putting on a suit for a special occasion, so I could only imagine how I would feel getting ready in something like this every morning. Dapper at…


I found this Blog today about Change. Its very true. In a world where Technology has a strong hold in everyday life its hard not to change and adapt with it. But there are people that still refuse to move ahead with the times. Not only to do with Technology, but life in general. I just finished working for the Largest Global Manufacturer of Electrical Accessories in the world, because they were “changing”. They were re-adapting themselves to move forward with the changing times, and especially to do with the GFC which is still affecting the world. I could understand why they were doing it. Unfortunately I didn’t agree with the changes and how they went about it. So I decided to leave. However, I could have stayed. I could have stayed and rebelled against the changes that they were making and slowly become miserable. But I chose not to. Instead I chose to make my own change and take the step of looking outside the Corporate Square I was in and start looking for something else. Now when I say “looking” I put a few hints out in the market just to let them know i was unhappy. With that, I received a job opportunity and after numerous meetings I accepted their offer. I had just made the biggest decision in my Career. I had been with my other company for 7 years…since I was a pup. I couldn’t sleep, I was constantly thinking “was I doing the right thing”? “your safe, should you be leaving in these uncertain times” I knew if I stayed with the other job I would not have progressed, so I needed to make that change.

Now 1 month into the job, after 3 weeks overseas, I am happy with the decision I made, and Im growing. Im learning new skills that I wasn’t able to learn at the other company. So I agree with this post. Don’t be afraid to make the change. Take the risk and if you put your whole heart into it, it will pay off know matter what it is.

The Bespoken Mogul


During my recent travels, I had an opportunity to listen to a very influential person. He said, “Change is inevitable, but growth is a choice.  It’s a decision that we all must make.”

I had a chance to visit a suit shop that has changed my perspective on how I wish to deliver my product to the world. Of course I have to accept change, but I am also  choosing to grow my business way beyond my imagination.

I have to admit, growth is a hard pill to swallow. But inevitably, when you reach your ultimate growth, that pill will have been well worth it.   Fellas-try wearing your Easter suit from 15 years ago. Yeah,  you grew, and you will be quite uncomfortable if you are trying to fit into that size 32 size slacks, knowing you have become a size 36.  It’s quite uncomfortable, but if you do…

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