They arrive, they build it up stoking the emotions with their match I swoon, I confess and then they suddenly dim down  They evacuate slowly, leaving scraps of hope to soften the blow Then one day they're gone! They had reignited the fire that had once been burning furociously like a bushfire All precautions had... Continue Reading →

Your enchantment enchains me, stretched out there, planked like a steak or a shad in season. And there, where you flower there. You're cool to my touch, soon growing warm, smooth but not sleek. I love you–– too much? Not quite possible. The thought of harm from you is far from me as those Vermont... Continue Reading →

The Stars don't move in the sky, the summer hour is like any other summer. But the boy walking ahead of you - if you don't speak up he'll never be the one...     Image: Rudolph Koppitz, 1930.  

I have a crush on a boy! We chat every so often via message Nothing serious. We just chat about art, music, sexuality and our life experiences We have seen each other twice via FaceTime He's not within physical contact you see This boy is in another Country Another world away He consumes my thoughts... Continue Reading →

  It was your birthday, we had drunk and dined Half of the night with our old friend Who'd showed us in the end To a bed I reached in one drunk stride. Already I lay snug, And drowsy with the wine dozed on one side. I dozed, I slept. My sleep broke on a... Continue Reading →

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