Curious gaze of a man

It was late; about 10:30 or so. There were 8 of us boys, sitting around the table, drinking, having a laugh, talking about nothing of importance.  Tim was trying to convince us all to go out and party, but to his disapproval, it would be the dining table where we were to stay. As the cards were being dealt, I reached for my glass, leaned back and devoured what was left of the shit whiskey that was supplied for that weekends jaunts.

As I tilted my head back forward, it was there that I caught your gaze. It wasn’t a quick one, you had been staring at me for a while. I could feel it all night but only now had our eyes aligned. You didn’t turn away, not embarrassed I had caught you. You just kept gazing. I had never noticed how deep and beautiful your eyes were, until now. Your dark eyelashes, are like awnings over a window, with distinct shadow lines along each of your bottom eyelids, providing a ledge for me to sit on and explore into the depths of you.

Later that night, a few of us were in the bedroom, racking up lines of coke. We were sitting on the bed next to each other. It was your turn for a hit, so you stood up and bent over the bedside table. As I watched you breath in quickly and throw your head back taking in the white rush, I wanted to grab your hand and play with your soft fingers. I had never seen you do this before. You are always so reserved, quite and gentle.

Everyone was in their own little world of groups of two, chatting and laughing. Quietly, You sat back down next to me, giving a little bounce on the mattress and with your gaze, you looked over and gave me a cheeky smile.

We had never really spoken too much in the past. Our conversations had never really amounted to much. That night, I was seeing someone that had discovered a new attraction. Curious and confident. If things continued as they were, and the more coke we had, you were going to lose all your inhibitions and let my arms take you on a new adventure.

Quietly and ever so gently, you leant your knee into mine, and rested your right hand onto my lower back. No one noticed, no one cared. I looked at you and you gazed right back. Discretely, you caressed the edge of my jeans, reaching under and lifting my shirt, where the skin of your hand was now exploring my lower back. All my muscles tensed, wanting to move my hand over and rest it in your crotch. I wanted to feel the hardness of your curiosity. But I held back. This was not the time, the place nor was it a good thing. I stood up, bent over the bedside table and breathed in a line. Sitting back opposite you now, I gave you one quick look, smirked and started a conversation with someone else.

Earlier in the night, you were on the phone to your girlfriend.

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