Jack Thompson Smile

I rang you in my dreams last night.

You answered as if you had never passed, as if we had only seen each other not too long ago.

I don’t ever recall asking you for advise, especially from a financial perspective.

When you were here walking this earth, I was young

I was just an adult in his beginning, who had never needed to ring you for any sort of responsible advice.

In my dreams I owned a pub which had done well

I was telling you that I was in two minds as to whether to sell or hold on to it


You didn’t respond, but I got a vision of your Jack Thompson smile, surprised and proud.

You were always telling me to think about investing to make money

To you, that is what happiness was made of.

I still remember the day we were in the hospital room when you were told of your fate. I saw the look on your face, I saw that if you had the chance, you would do it all over again… but differently.

In real life, I don’t own a pub and I am not selling my investment

The past 2 years I have invested in myself and am doing what I should have been doing all along.

I’ve been thinking of leaving my full-time job, my bread winning routine to pursue the dreams I have always had.

That is what I was telling you

That is what you smiled about!


written by Casey Horsfield.

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