I’m in Amsterdam, the streets so old and wise

In a bar I sit, taking in the Mexican vibe.

As people talk loudly, drinking with cheer and good times

I’m organising to meet a new friend

Hoping to make my last night here, shine.

Comfortable at the bar, I took my surroundings in

Enjoying the journey, that was only in its beginning.

When he arrived, he caught me unaware

There next to me, stood this man, so beautiful with an amazing stare.

With a head full of Licorice hair and facial features cut cleanly from stone

He was from the Canary Islands

To me, a place that’s unknown.

His accent, so foreign and new

He had a cheeky smile, that would make you fall off your pew.

We talked and laughed, enjoying the moments of our time

This mans company, so comfortable and divine.

The bar had become quiet, we decided to leave

He asked me to come home with him, and I politely agreed.

We walked through the ambient streets of Amsterdam

Gazing at the wondrous history.

He guided me by grabbing my waist

If there were to be any danger, I knew that I’d be safe.

His hands were soft and tanned

So smooth to touch, unlike any other mans.

We reached his home,  the entry so narrow and old

An old Dutch apartment, so many stories it would hold.

We climbed the narrow stairs, which felt more like a wall

The Dutch knew how to save space, they must have been small.

The old floors creaked as we reached the top

His apartment was tiny, you couldn’t take a hop.

We took off our coats and placed them aside

He made me a lemon tea, to warm me from the conditions outside.

When he showed me his room, it felt more like an alcove

I took a look around, it was that of a feminist’s abode.

Laying on the bed, we chatted some more

He was telling me a story that he had recently adored.

He took my drink from my hand

And placed it where the light and birds land.

Moving in with lust, our bodies met

Becoming one shadow, that I’ll never forget.

It was then, that he kissed me for the first show

Feeling the rush of Cupid’s Bow and Arrow.

As our hands explored and our minds set their paths

We were now intertwined and had become each others halves.

Passionately and vigorously, we loved each others skin

Kissing the depths and valleys, like it was a forbidden sin.

The feeling of him against my surface was like a deathly drug

Taking control over my blood cells, with his warm solid hug.

I took off his last shield

And there he lay bare.

He was now vulnerable and euphoric

He was ready for me to take him elsewhere.

Intensely, I explored the landscape of his anatomy

He squirmed around, moaning and groaning deep red blasphemy.

As he came to, he took my by his strength

Threw me across the bed and had me laid out full length.

Endeavouring to bring me to fulfilment

He demanded to see me in my moment.

With one hand grabbing my thigh and the other holding me close

He brought me to that high, that I can never again compose.

Quickly, I rolled him onto his back, where it was his turn to succeed

Manipulating every inch of his beautiful body, pressed tightly against me.

As I loved his naked chest, where he held his eloquent lungs

He took in the deepest breath  and joined me in our pool of fun.

We both lay there stripped and freed from our personal lairs

Happy to have given ourselves to someone that cared.

Our chats were now quiet, only our feet talking to each other

As we lay there embraced, for a while after.

Smiling back at the view, our bodies entangled

Our fingers performed a soft Ballet which finished in a triangle.

I could have stayed and enjoyed this man forever

But time was grave, I had to put myself back together.

I put on my jeans while he lay there bare

I looked at him and smiled, so grateful he was there.

He looked back and showered me with compliments,  which I knew were full of truth

It had been so long since I didn’t need to seek any proof.

I leant down and kissed him goodbye

It was a beautiful night, I had a great time.

I wished him a Joyous Christmas

And left for the stairs.

I’m so glad I visited

I felt I existed.



Written by Casey Horsfield. Dec 2016





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