Fly in, Fly out 

They arrive, they build it up stoking the emotions with their match

I swoon, I confess and then they suddenly dim down 

They evacuate slowly, leaving scraps of hope to soften the blow

Then one day they’re gone!

They had reignited the fire that had once been burning furociously like a bushfire

All precautions had been taken to backburn the tumultuous emotions and keep them contained

To prevent the rapid damage, experienced one too many times before

Now the heart again is bare and smouldering like a burnt Victorian landscape

The blood cells speeding through, again,  working tirelessly to rebuild their habitat

Hopefully rebuilding it to be stronger and sturdier, ready for the next possible catastrophe 

They hope this will be the last. They hope they have learnt their lesson

Next time they’ll be prepared 

Next time they won’t have to rebuild 

Next time there will be no rapid bushfire

The landing strip was destroyed and it won’t be rebuilt 

There will be no more..  Fly in, Fly outs! 

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