The Perception

Have you ever walked the streets of your City and looked beyond what they want you to see. The glorious shop fronts, the advertisements, the good looking models? Most of the time we are all too busy and moving too fast to see what’s beyond the glamour. 

 This all hides and directs your eyes away from all the alley ways and laneways that don’t look so prestigious. Its the life behind the glamour. What it really looks like. I find this more fascinating and beautiful to look at, than the front of house show. It reveals the truth of what our world really looks like beyond the unrealistic perception. It shows that we are now just a throw away society, accumulating useless things to satisfy our need to have the latest craze in our possession. Once we’re bored with it, we throw it away and start again. A vicious cycle of money going in and money going out. If it doesn’t make the cut, you know where it’ll end up. In the trash! 

This is pretty much the same with how we interact with people in today’s modern society. Let’s face it, social media has its advantages, but it also has it negatives. 

People only prefer to see you from face value and how exciting your life looks, what you’re perceiving it to be. They judge you by the countless selfies that you post, how amazingly fun your life looks. All the things that make your life look like you’re a superstar. If your life doesn’t look that interesting you don’t make the cut because you’ve been judged against their unrealistic expectations, and you’re out in the trash. Without even having a single physical connection. 

Where are the alley ways and laneways in your life? Are they that bad and shameful that you’re too insecure to show them? Are we that stupid to realise what we are seeing is just a perception? Whatever happened to the organic human connection where two people meet and get to know eachother before deciding whether they want each other in their lives or not? Everyone has anxieties and insecurities. It’s human nature. Yet no one talks about them. They cover them up with this fake life. These insecurities are what makes us, us! Usually the insecurities that we have with ourselves are usually the most beautiful part that people see in us but instead we choose not to show them. We hide them away, scared that we’ll be judged. Do you realise that if you’re are being yourself or projecting this personsa that you’re going to be judged either way! So why not be true to yourself and show who you really are? 

After all said and done, guess what the catch is. If you’re yourself, you will never make the cut. You didn’t give a good enough perception because you weren’t fake enough.  

They already swiped left! 

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