My special Humans – Cassandra

Trying to control the future. It’s always an easy thing to do. We all do it. We’re always looking 1 step ahead, 1 week ahead, 1 month ahead or even a few years ahead. Some of the time its important to plan, because if you fail to plan, you’re essentially planning to fail. I was told this years ago when I started out as a Sales Rep. Planning is required in Business, but when it comes to your personal life, it’s a completely different ball game.

In your personal life, you can’t control everything. You can control your finances, what you’re planning to cook, your personal goals, where you’re going to go on holidays. You can’t control your friends, you can’t control who likes and who doesn’t like you, or who and what type of people you’re going to meet. My doc said to me last year, that I needed to stop trying to control everything, take each day as it came, plan a little for the weekends but leave a bit of space open. Appreciate what you have in the present and let the future just happen.

As I start to prepare to move away from all the people close to me, I’ve decided to create a little project. MY SPECIALS HUMANS project. Appreciating the friends that I have and telling the story of how they became apart of my life.

Meet my first Special Human Cassie.

In early 2007, I was asked if I would take a position in my companies quotations department in our Townsville office, up in North Queensland. I didn’t even think about it. I said yes straight away. I’d never been to Townsville and the thought of living somewhere else, other than Brisbane excited the hell our of me. 2 weeks later, I was gone. I jumped in my brand new Mitsubishi Lancer that I’d brought a month earlier and I headed off, up the Bruce Highway to the unknown.

When I rocked up on the first Monday, the office was a lot quieter than the Brisbane office. There were only 6 of us, 2 guys and 4 girls. I was dressed much smarter than the other bloke, who was just wearing a polo shirt. I felt out of place. “I bet they think I’m a big city wanker! I wonder if they’ll think I’m gay?” 

One of the girls Cassie, had been shoved into the corner of the office. She was hired to do general administration for the team leader at the time. She was kept separated from us and I guess she found it hard to interact from across the room, so she kept to herself. She was blonde, pretty, the girl next door type. Very Quiet.

Me, being me, always finds the quiet people intriguing. I always make it a point to go out of my way, and get to know them. As luck would have it, she was on the same lunch break roster as me. We shared a lunch room with the warehouse staff. There were far more of them, so it was quite busy at lunchtime. So when I’d seen she was sitting by herself at one of the tables in the lunchroom, I headed on over with this fierce confidence and plonked myself next to her. She gave me this quaint little smile as if to acknowledge me, then kept watching the TV. I opened my lunchbox, packed with the awesome ham, cheese and pickles sandwiches that I always made myself and started to chat to her. So Cassie, how long have you been working here? Where did you grow up? How many siblings do you have? What do you like to do on the weekends? Have you ever been overseas? All the little questions you ask when you’re getting to know someone. She kept the answers short, but answered all of them. I’m pretty sure she was thinking “Oh mate, shut the fuck up, I’m tying to eat my god damn lunch in peace”

8 years later and she is still one of my closest friends. We continued to be work colleagues for 5 years, which during that time I became a Sales Rep in Mackay and continued that role for 2 years. When I moved back to Brisbane, she then replaced me as the local rep up there. A year and a half later, she followed suit and moved down to Brisbane to grow within the company. However, as fate would have it, she met her then boyfriend Craig who was based back up in Mackay. After only a year or so in Brisbane, Cassie moved back to be with him.

Cassie and I have cried together, laughed together, been each others +1 at work events. She’s cleaned up my vomit and then put me to bed after she and a few others fed me Tequila. She has the worst Gaydar ever, so when she says “Yes, I spoke to him, he’s definitely gay, you’re in” don’t trust her. HE’S NOT!

Recently I was lucky enough to witness their special day and I will be honest, it brought tears to my eyes. So you know, it was only because she was 45 minutes late and I was fanging for a glass of wine and some food. Typical Cass entrance!!! Over the last 8 years of knowing her, it’s been a privilege to see this once quiet, shy young girl turn into an amazing, outgoing, confident, positively opinionated, strong young woman, who I am proud to call my friend.

One of my Special Humans.

Cassie & Craig-421

Photographs by House of Lucie

Insta: @houseoflucieweddings

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