Hello, I finally found you 

There are changes coming and I’m ready. I’m prepared and I’m not scared. It’s exciting and I know they will be soul changing. I’m finally in a place where I feel comfortable, confident and fearless. Those niggles try, but I nail them back down. I’m where I need to be, ready to be found. Catapulted into the next stage of life that has been waiting. Waiting for me to be at peace, waiting for me to love myself, waiting for me to be.. Myself. Then, only then, would I be rewarded with what I actually deserve.

I’m not that uptight guy anymore. The one who said he was fine. He clearly had emotions running wild inside but would rather drown them and brush them to the side. That guy who lied to you and lured you into his game. I’ll no longer be that guy you knew. He held his life together by a thread. Scared, that if he let go, he would fall into a mess. Well, I did let go of that thread and I did fall into a mess. I drowned in my own flood and eventually reached neutral ground. I picked up the pieces that I wanted back and left the shitty ones to fall through the cracks! 

I’m not you anymore. You were left behind. You’re never welcome back here, so don’t even try.


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