Stumbling upon Ben Whiting

Whenever I speak to anyone regarding Melbourne, they always tell me how cultured the City is. How different it is to all the other cities in Australia and how it’s like being in a European city.

I headed down a few weeks ago to finally check it out. As a 30 something Australian, I had only stayed overnight, once back in 2009. Over the past year, I have realized that I have outgrown my hometown of Brisbane and that it is time for some new adventures and to create some new opportunities for myself. So, Melbourne and Sydney were my shortlist of the places to move to. I wasn’t going to make that final decision without checking the cities out first.

Walking the streets in Melbourne you feel a sense of culture. The streets are lined with Cafes and Restaurants. The Fashion varies depending on the individual, which I absolutely love. In Brisbane, as soon as you are wearing something slightly out there, people judge. It still has that small town mentality. (Well, that’s my opinion) Even though the Weather is considerably colder than the Northern State, it doesn’t stop the Melbournites from heading outside and enjoying life.

Late on the Saturday afternoon while walking down Bourke Street, I stumbled upon a busker, singing away outside the H&M store. He had a massive crowd of onlookers standing around him, all entrenched in his melodic voice. As an Angus and Julia Stone fan, I was quickly entrenched myself. His voice, mixed with the acoustic strums of his guitar and additions of the screaming harmonica, it was rather a calming, chilled out performance to listen to.


After making contact with Ben a few days later via Social media, I asked if I could do a write up on him for Whiskey Hipsters blog space and mine to which he kindly agreed.

 Born by the sea in Northern NSW, Ben got into Music around the age of 11 or 12, however it wasn’t until his first year of High School where he started his first band with a few friends. This then lead to 10 years of touring, recording and finding home, as he calls it, in Music. His love of songwriting has been a constant part of his life and is forever evolving.

He is an original singer/songwriter, though “The Ben Whiting show” is becoming more of a collective sound of Folk/Rock/Indie, with band mates bringing some colourful flavours to the mix. Ben’s songs are derived from the topics of everyday life, thoughts and memories and the ever-near future. With gigging here, there and everywhere including busking through Melbourne, he is living as a full-time musician.

Ben is recording a new EP this October with its release due sometime early 2016. He is proud to say, “We have crafted an electric sound that is truly unique” ranging from Latin inspired beats, Folk, Rock and Orchestrated pieces. He will be playing one last Melbourne Show for the year with the band on November 8th at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, supporting Kaurna Cronin. Tickets are available at Do yourself a favour and go check him out!


You can find Ben on Facebook and Instagram, but more importantly you can go check out some of his original tunes via Soundcloud. Follow the links below. or @benwhitingmusic

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