The Melbourne Series – Union Lane

People who Graffiti, in some way are Artists. Give them a canvas where they can legally do it, and I think the crime on public property would decrease.  I stumbled across some Street Artists doing their thing down in Union Lane. I stood there for a few minutes looking on before I started to walk through and take some snaps on the provision I contributed the to the “feed the artists fund” (AKA the paper bag with coins in it.) Stretching 550m on both sides, it has transformed this central located lane, that was previously heavily tagged into a creative space full of colourful murals.IMG_4168

Situated between Bourke Street and little Collins Street, it obviously has not always been the home where Artists can come and show their work off to the public. In the 1890’s, it was a bustling hub for high production business’s including Electroplater’s, brass finishers, locksmiths, wholesale newsagent and an engraver. By 1901, it was then the home to the Central Club Hotel and a Wholesale Music store.




IMG_4077 IMG_4209


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