The Melbourne Series

Long weekends are always the best. Just one extra day can make a weekend feel like a little holiday. Last weekend I visited Melbourne for the purpose of checking the City out and finally making my decision on where I want to move to. Last month it was Sydney, now it was Melbourne’s turn.

Like Sydney, Melbourne put on a competitive show for me. The sun was out, the City was gleaming and it was a chilly 10 degrees at lunchtime. This was good. I wanted to experience what I was in for since Melbourne is known for its cold weather. I wanted to see what Melbourne had to offer and it really put on a show for me.

I don’t know what it was, but I felt at home. I was comfortable. As I arrived at my AIRBNB, I set my belongings down in my room. I grabbed my backpack and packed the essentials; Camera’s, water bottle, Deodorant (Yes deodorant! I hate smelling like a stank), a few little maps that were provided and a few other little things. I put my RM’s and my thick socks on and headed back out into the City to explore.

I am a Man of detail. If you ever catch me staring at you or any sort of object, Buildings or anything really, its only because I’m curious, sussing you out, or thinking “what went into the construction of that building” or thinking “look at the detail in that design”. I’m just taking the detail in. Kind of like the Terminator and how he scans his enemies first.

Walking about the City, I was taking every bit of detail in. Noticing all little holes in the walls (Coffee shops), the maze of alleyways and laneways, the awesome fashion and how everyone is so trendy. I just got this vibe of…Casey, you’re home!


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