The Sydney Series

I have only visited Sydney once in my 30 years. I was 15 when I was dragged down there for week to stay with relatives. I absolutely hated the experience. We stayed out in the suburbs, and it was boredom at its finest. Since then, that was my lasting impression. “Ugh Sydney, I hate the place”

Now as a 30 year old, I’m ready to move away from Queensland and experience a new adventure in another State. Sydney and Melbourne are my current two choices. I’ve given myself a 6 month goal, to get all my ducks lined up in a row, work wise and financially and make the lifestyle change in early 2016.

First off the rank was Sydney. Spending the weekend there and experiencing the fast paced, socially driven lifestyle cemented this goal for me and made it clear that the decision I am making is the right one. Don’t get me wrong, Brisbane is a beautiful City, it’s  growing culturally wise, ALL my closest friends and family are here, however, I feel like I have out grown it. It’s time for a new challenge.

I am a driven person, and I thrive on setting goals and challenges for myself. It’s what I do best. The past few years have lacked this after reaching pretty my much all my goals that I set for myself in my early 20’s.

Sydney put on an absolute stunner of a show for me last weekend. The winter weather was on point. The Harbour Bridge was far more overwhelming to gaze at than I ever expected, and the Sydney Opera House was just stunning. I’m a fan of beautiful architecture, and this is one of Australia’s finest.

“The Rocks”, an area situated around the base of the harbour bridge was full of life. The market stalls among the old cobblestone laneways and side streets were bustling with Locals and Tourists with an array of Cafes and bars at every corner. My kind of area… I mean, I am a self proclaimed Hipster 😉

Walking the streets of the City was another overwhelming experience. The same feeling I had when I first arrived in San Francisco a few years back. It has that large metropolitan feel that I imagine New York has, just on a smaller scale. I’m yet to experience New York.

The downfall about Sydney however, is that it has become one of the most expensive places to live. To just rent a room in a share house you’re looking at least a minimum of $300/ week, in an average to less average house which is on the outskirts of town. Do I really want to do that? I’m a very independent person, I have my own home (which is now rented out) and I currently live in an inner city apartment in Brisbane with a mate. We share the apartment, I’m not confined to just a bedroom. This is what I have to think about.  I loved Sydney from what I saw and would move tomorrow, but this does affect my decision.

So that all said, I am heading to Melbourne next month, to visit. Already, Melbourne has its pros. It’s another big City, it has an awesome social and cultural lifestyle that Brisbane lacks (but as I stated is getting better) and is very affordable to live.. Especially on my own. I can grab my own apartment in or close to the City within my budget.

So, stay tuned for “Series Melbourne” and the decider.. Where will I choose to reside early next year?

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