Batter Up!!!

I’m in San Francisco. Myself and 4 other Australian friends are on our way to a Major League Baseball Game for the first time and we have scored some pretty good seats at the last-minute. We are all piled into a town car, exited and raring to go to the game. 2 of the best American Baseball teams, The San Francisco Giants ( World Series Champions, the year prior) and the LA Dodgers are up against each other and the closer we get to the Stadium, the Vibe and Patriotism towards the San Francisco Giants intensifies.

We go to a local bar, just outside of the AT&T Stadium for a pre-drink. Everyone is dressed in their best, with Scarves, Jackets, Hats and Mitts ready to go, ready to cheer on their home team! The feeling was like having a pre-drink at the Hotel LA back home, just before a Broncos NRL football game. It was late in the afternoon, there was a crisp breeze outside and we sat there with a drink in hand. A small thing, but it set the scene. What memories are made of.

As we make our way to the Stadium, like any tourist we start taking photos as we walk. Look, there’s the Stadium..SNAP. Random Fans….SNAP.

We make it through the Stadium and make our way to our seats. I was a big fan of the movies “A League of Their Own” and “The Sandlot” growing up, both baseball movies, so being at an actual American Baseball game was rather exciting for me. The guy’s selling Hotdogs and bags of Peanuts make their way down the aisles, chucking the food at anyone who asked for it, as money was passed down the row.


Beers are in hand, we watch as the Stadium starts to fill up. The noise of the crowd grows, and the Atmosphere becomes thick. 5 Aussies at a Baseball game. We are like kids in a candy shop, over Excited with massive grins on our faces.


Both teams came out onto the field and start warming up. Now, I knew we had pretty good seats when we ordered them online, until this point. Then I realised we had AWESOME seats. The Catcher, Buster Posey (Catcher) and unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to who the Pitcher was, are warming up in front of us. I had no clue who the hell I was watching at though until afterwards, but who cared!! I was a tourist, enjoying a Baseball game, getting into the culture of a popular American Sport. I grabbed out my Camera and started taking some shots.


As the game kicked off, balls flew everywhere through the sky. I started to understand why you take your Mitt to the game. So you can catch all the foul balls. As my mate said “Geeze, it would be good if we had a Mitt right now” A little sarcastic dig at me, because I purchased one the day before as a souveneir but refused to bring it as I didn’t want to look like a tool. Fool me haha.

The Giants were the runner-up team to bat, leaving Buster Posey to be the last batter. As this was 2 years ago now, I don’t remember the games statistics or anything. However, I remember we were speaking to an American sitting next to us, and he said if they can get one more back to base, the Giants take the game. I thought this couldn’t be too hard as the bases were full and all Buster had to do was to get a good hit to at least make it to 1st. After 2 strikes down, with only one more to go, the tension in the air was thick. The stadium was quiet. The Pitcher of the LA Dodgers throws his last pitch, and CRACK… Buster smashes the ball out of the park, getting the last 3 home, and making a “Home Run Homer”. The crowd went crazy, and so did we.

What a memory. What an EPIC end to our first Baseball game. Something I’ll remember for a long time.

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