This little one is getting Married 😊

So, in 3 months time my Baby Cousin is getting married! Her and her hubby have asked me to be the MC for their special night and I couldn’t be more honoured.

My Mother’s side of the family were very close when I was growing up, which meant myself and my cousins spent a lot of time together and we now have a close bond as adults. We are more brothers and sisters then cousins. There wasn’t a month in our childhood where the 6 of us hadn’t spent a whole weekend together. Acting out action movies we just watched,  jumping on the trampoline out the back and yelling at the other kids up the street, starting fights with kids up the street, running a muck in the creeks and bushland in Brisbane’s suburb of The Gap (where myself and my sisters lived). Even the hysterical laughing sessions we used to have everytime we found  a new Porno magazine tucked under the drivers seat of my Uncle’s company car😂

Now, as we are all at the stage of settling down and starting to create our own little families, (in my case, doing more mature things on a weekend, rather then partying) I look back at this picture and wonder where all that time went, and how it only feels like yesterday that we used to be these little kids with our future’s not yet played out.

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