Feel your surroundings 

Most people can’t see past what their eyes tell them they see. Here they would see a Sky, a Bridge and landscape.

When I need to wind down and haven’t gone to the gym, I’ll go and do the river walk along the edges of Brisbane CBD. As a keen, Amatuer photographer, taking in my surroundings and viewing a different perspective is something that takes my mind of my current worries, work stresses and anything else that might be keeping my mind occupied. I also think getting a different perspective on something other then what is obvious helps you appreciate the photograph that you’ve taken.

Here as I walk over the Story Bridge, I get a vibe of achievement and appreciation. Appreciation for the workers who built the landmark bridge that provides a connection from one side of the river to the other and had formed the iconic picture of what Brisbane is known for. Acheivement in the fact that another day has passed, and that I live in a city and country where I can feel safe enough to walk late in the day and enjoy what my home has to offer. I can capture the sunset that has been out in show and which blends so well with the illumination of the bridge, ready to show its colours for the evening and add character to city’s night landscape.

Enjoying and appreciating the little things in your present life  and looking passed what your eyes initially tell you is a far better way to help you feel happier within your life, rather then always looking forward and waiting for the future to arrive. Appreciate one day at a time. Appreciate the present before it becomes the past!

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