Lighter, brighter and more confident

2 years ago I decided to change. I was always tired, my skin was always breaking out with Psoriasis and I was generally an unhappy person. I didn’t like who I was. The first photo was taken after 12 months from making the lifestyle change and what can I say, I was rather shocked with the result. Unless you keep comparing yourself to where you were, you don’t realise the change. I had lost 13kg of body fat and maintained muscle mass over that 12 month period. My skin cleared up totally and I had more energy. Not only did I change on the outside, I also changed on the inside. I became more confident in myself. I was happier and I wasn’t a negative nancy around everyone (which apparently was a thing). The last 12 months I have been focusing on growing more muscle but also keeping the maintaining the healthy lifestyle. This change affected me mentally as well. As my previous post stated, Anxiety appeared around this time and I was forced to deal with all the issues I had bottled up from the past that I had not dealt with. Not only had I shed the fat, my brick wall that I had built up around me also fell away. Leaving my emotions vunerable to the evil of the past. It’s  amazing how one simple motivation to change can completely change your whole life within a short period of time. My outlook on life changed, my attitude toward myself, my friends and family changed. My attitude and finally accepting myself of being gay finally arrived. Im now proud of who I am, and I couldn’t be happier for it. What a journey it has been!!! 😊

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