You're a deep pond amongst shallow puddles Trying to fit into spaces that don't have room for you  You'll go from cove to cove, hoping to find your place but they fear your depth and turn you away They can not survive in your dark waters, for they can not touch the bottom You'll grow... Continue Reading →

Walking up the path, gravel crunches under my feet, flooding out the sounds of the natural setting surrounding me. Looking around I don't know where I am. I haven't been here before. The late afternoon sun bursts through the clouds, as if the heavens have opened up, just in time to welcome me. The air is... Continue Reading →

I rang you in my dreams last night. You answered as if you had never passed, as if we had only seen each other not too long ago. I don't ever recall asking you for advise, especially from a financial perspective. When you were here walking this earth, I was young I was just an adult... Continue Reading →

I'm in Amsterdam, the streets so old and wise In a bar I sit, taking in the Mexican vibe. As people talk loudly, drinking with cheer and good times I'm organising to meet a new friend Hoping to make my last night here, shine. Comfortable at the bar, I took my surroundings in Enjoying the... Continue Reading →

He left the office where he’d taken up a trivial, poorly paid job (eight pounds a month, including bonuses)— left at the end of the dreary work that kept him bent all afternoon, came out at seven and walked off slowly, idling his way down the street. Good-looking; and interesting: showing as he did that he’d... Continue Reading →

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